Our vision

Jesus is the centre of everything we do. Life is all about Him.
To live in unity and be one with everyone else who follows Christ is what we believe Jesus called us to.

Our desire it to live life to the fullest. To be on fire for Jesus and to spread the fire of the Holy Spirit around us. All because we love God and we want to honor Him. What we share together is our heart for worship and evangelism.

Gods presence is tangible and powerful when we come together around prayer and worship. From this place of intimacy with Him we also receive His guidance. Worship together with prayer therefore is our main focus. It is our foundation you could say, for Jesus is the Only right foundation to build on. We are called to pray and worship and to bring people together around prayer and worship. When we pray, heaven response.

As followers of Jesus we hold one another acountable to live holy lifes. God says: ‘Live Holy, for I am Holy. Paul says the same in another way. He says: ‘look to me and follow me in the same way I follow Jesus.’ This has much to do with character and focus. Our vision therefore is to make everyday disciples with a Christlike character. Passionate followers of Jesus that first seek the Kingdom of God.

We believe in a fellowship that equips ordinary people to make Jesus known in their environment.

‘Together stretch a tent of prayer and worship over Europe’