Dordrecht is the place where we receive most of our guest and outreach teams. There is an old church formally known as Bonifatius church (a Roman Catholic church). Somewhere in the eighties it became a popstage. But since 2013 it is again installed as a place where we only worship our ‘Godhead Three in One’. We call this place ‘Bonfire’.

In short Bonfire is a House of Prayer and a meeting place for people.  People come together and connect with each other and God. It’s a a place of freedom where people can be themselves, bring their gifts and talents and where they experience warmth and acceptance. Different activities give people the opportunity to focus on creative ways to express themselves, to meet God and to make God know.

Next to Bonfire is an old house that we may use as accommodation. We call this place the ‘Bonhome’. Currently 4 Bonfire staff people are living in the Bonhome. Other then that there are 2 dorms with approximately 8 sleeping places for woman and 8 for man. We use these dorms for outreachteams or individuals that would like to work with us and spend the night with us. Costs are € 7,00 per person per night, meals excluded.

We would be more than happy to receive you or your outreachteam. As a outreachteam you are free to determine your own programme, but we can also plan and organize together on forehand. To make a request or ask your questions you can fill in the contact form on this webpage or send an email to

In the future Bonfire is hoping to start a hostel or a bed and breakfast during summertimes. Want to stay informed? Sign up for our newsletter here.