We dream of starting our own discipelship training school (DTS). We recognize that training is one of the primary vehicles through which those of us who call ourselves disciples not only become more intimately acquainted with the One we have come to love, but it is in this place that we begin to discover how our story fits into the much grander story of God’s redemptive story for all of creation. It is through the process of training and discipleship that we come face to face with the wonder of being called by God to play an integral role in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.”

Are you reading this and do you have experience in leading DTS-es? Or do you know someone else who has? Would you like to partner with us for a season and help us start running the DTS? Then please contact us.

Unfortunately at this moment it’s not possible to apply for a DTS with us.

What’s a DTS

A YWAM Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) is a five month journey. It is a unique opportunity to set everything else aside and focus on knowing God and making God known. During the DTS you will grow in intimacy with God, discover identity and purpose, and strengthen your faith by actively revealing God’s love to others. The DTS will lay a foundation of hearing and obeying God for the rest of your life. This experience will spoil you for the ordinary.

A DTS is five months trainingschool (20 weeks). The lecture phase lasts 12 weeks and the outreach phase 8 weeks.

Lecture phase

To know God

12 weeks of live-learn discipleship as part of our missional community. Make new friends as you grow in intimacy with God, exploring a range of topics presented by experienced missions practitioners. Each lecture week will develop a foundation for your faith through your character, your actions, and your relationships.

The actual lectures consist of approx. 15 hours of class time. But this is not class like you know it. Lectures are living, breathing interaction with experienced missions practitioners who come directly from their ministries to share and discuss in an informal dialog.

The lecture phase is designed to

  • Deepen your relationship with God through topics such as Hearing God’s voice, Character and Nature of God, Father heart of God.
  • Discover purpose through topics such as, Identity in Christ, Missions, Evangelism, Worldview.
  • Develop perspective through topics such as, Global Missions, Evangelism.
  • Build Spiritual disciplines through topics such as, Bible Study Methods, Prayer/Intercession and Worship.
  • Grow in holiness through topics such as, Bible Study Methods, Prayer/Intercession and Worship.
  • Lay a foundation through topics such as, Biblical Worldview, the Kingdom of God.

Live-Learn Discipleship

Discipleship doesn’t just happen in a classroom – it happens during our daily lives, relationships, and interactions within community. Some of the other things that happen during the week are:

  • Worship – as a DTS and with the broader YWAM community.
  • Fun and Adventure – we will look for the adventure and fun is one of our core values! J
  • Discipleship – there are regular times to have personal interaction with one of the staff to process what you are learning and discuss your journey.
  • There are also weekly opportunities to come together with a small group of fellow students and staff to do life together, process, discuss, and pray.
  • Local Community – engage in missional outreach with our community
  • Processing Time – plenty of time to sit back and think about everything you are learning as you relax and enjoy great Dutch coffee
  • Prayer and Intercession – a time to hear God’s heart and engage with Him to see His will done.

Why do a DTS with us in the future.

We are a pioneering location, walking in faith and expecting God to go before us. We strongly believe that God can change cities and nations. Something we reach out for to see this happen in our area. And miracles will happen because God is faithful. When you want to be a part of this pioneering work and want to see God at work in the field, then you shouldn’t wait but apply for a DTS at our base.