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Jesus told us that we as the body of Christ, are called to the ends of the earth to reach every nation, tribe, and people group. As YWAM Gateway Europe in the Netherlands we are taking our part in the Great Commandment in a unique way.

Located in the area of Rotterdam we as youth with a mission live close to the biggest harbor in Europe. The harbor functions as a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world. We feel this is very significant for us as YWAM in this area. As a team we long to see revival in Europe. A way to contend for revival is by literally bringing prayer and worship to Europe.

Together we focus on intimacy with God. Out of that intimitate place with Him we know great things will happen. We aim to live a supernatural life through the presence of the Holy Spirit and invite you to join us.

As a team we live and work in different parts of our area. We meet each other in Dordrecht regularly, since this is in the middle of where we are. Dordrecht is less than 20 minutes by train from the heart of Rotterdam where life never stops. Dordrecht itself is the oldest city in the Holland area and has a rich history and culture. Our other locations are in Bleskensgraaf and Barendrecht. Bleskensgraaf is a lovely village close to Dordrecht from where they focus on training and evangelism (Impact World Tour). Barendrecht is a suburb of Rotterdam connected to the south of the city. At this location they focus on training, evangelism and mercy ministry. By the way: Barendrecht is known because of the world wide transport chain called ‘the Greenery’. Again a fact that builds our faith that God wants to reach the world also from our locations. Want to know more about YWAM Gateway Europe? Send us an email or:

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We believe in the power of prayer and worship and strongly feel that God wants us to share this with the world outside. Thats why we love to go out on outreach.


YWAM connect

Twice a year we have YWAM connect evenings. These evenings are for people who have done a DTS or Takeoff or mini DTS. It’s a way to stay connected to YWAM closeby.


Monthly teachings

Teachings are important to inspire us and to dive deeper into the word of God. These evening sessions are held in Barendrecht and are open to everyone, also if you haven’t done something with YWAM before. The teachings are encouraging and stimulating for everyone. No matter what background or denomination and no matter what age.



TakeOff is our discipleship evening school based on the values and principles of a regular (5 months) Discipleschip Training School. The TakeOff is designed and intended for christians from all kinds of denominations no matter what age. TakeOff is for christians who desire to grow in knowing God and making Him known in their own environment.



We believe in the power of prayer and worship and strongly feel that God wants us to share this with the world outside. Thats why we love to go out on outreach.


House of prayer

God put on our hearts to start a 24/7 prayer movement. At this moment we pray together at certain times.


Staff opportunities

Whatever way you want to serve God, you can most likely do it in with us! Being on staff with YWAM is an adventure in faith. Join us on staff for a couple of years, or stay for life.